How It Works

TheHive – A Premium Freelance Marketplace

TheHive is a freelance marketspace that connects employers to top-notch, Caribbean-based freelance talent. New users to the site can sign up as either an employer or as a freelancer.

  • As an employer, you enter your project’s details on the site, and once your project is posted, interested freelancers submit a bid to work on your project. You may also search the list of registered freelance talent on the site and invite suitable ones to bid your project.
  • As a freelancer, you can search the list of available projects on the site and bid on the ones that interest you. Employers may invite you to bid on their projects and you can either accept or decline such invitations.

Here’s the main workflow of TheHive:

1. Post a Project

  • An employer must sign up for an account or log in to their existing account on the site.
  • The employer’s account must be tied to one of the four Employer Package Subscriptions offered on the site: Basic (Free), Premium*, Standard* or Corporate Enterprise/Public Sector*.

2. Bid on a Project

  • Freelancers can browse the list of available projects and place bids by clicking the button.
  • Employers also have the option to invite freelancers to bid on their projects. The “Bid” freelancer can review the project details and either accept or decline the offer.

3. Accept a Bid

  • On the Project Details page, the employer reviews the bids placed by the freelancers.
  • Once the employer decides on a suitable freelancer to work on their project, they click the “Accept” button beside the name of the chosen freelancer.

4. Open the Workspace

  • When a bid is accepted, the employer and freelancer can access the project’s workspace to have further discussions regarding the project.
  • Within the workspace, they can exchange private messages with each other and upload project-related files.

5. Complete the project

  • Employer will review the project once the freelancer finishes the job.
  • If the employer is satisfied with the freelancer’s work, they click the “Finish” button in the workspace and write a review for the freelancer. This project is now marked as ‘Completed’, and the freelancer will click the “Review & Complete” button to review and rate the employer.
  • If the employer is dissatisfied with the freelancer’s work, they can select the “Close” button to send a dispute to the site’s administrator. The freelancer can also send a dispute to the site’s administrator by clicking the “Discontinue” button in the workspace.

*These packages attract a monthly fee. See here for more details.