May 31, 2021
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Angie’s List Mobile Apps

A redesign of the Angie’s List Member and Pro apps. I designed new mobile apps for Angie’s List members and service providers with a refreshed branding, improved usability, and user-desired functionality.

Project Goals:
– Reduce sign-up friction.
– Capture user intent and project urgency.
– Introduce scheduling, project milestones, payments, and inspiration.

Role: Led the UX design team of researchers, designers, and copywriters and managed the end to end process while contributing to the design work.

Process: The team began with evaluating the existing Angie’s List website and mobile applications and conducted several in-depth research efforts. The design team then evaluated the research findings and stakeholders to align user desirability, business viability, and technical feasibility to produce the product redesign.

– Sketches
– Paper prototyping
– Wireframing
– Usability testing
– Visual design
– Design system and specs

Rationale and Results: The prototype was tested rigorously with users to evaluate branding changes as well as the new product experience. It tested significantly better than the existing apps. Once released, the App Store rating increased from one star to four stars.