June 21, 2021
No Comments | Healthcare and Wellness iOS App for Patients and Providers

ROLE: Senior UX Strategic Design Manager

As a strategic lead hire, I took a nine-year-old product system and turned it into a seamless, UX-responsive site. I started by auditing the present system, which included segregating the UX, content, and visual design into silos. I then incorporated the new business objectives and devised a strategic as well as a tactical roadmap for launch.

The result was a native app, a web application, a simplified user flow, and improved features for the patient portal.

I also reduced the customer service call volume by 70% by making user registration and password retrieval more straightforward and entirely self-service. The result was a savings of $10,000 a month.

I devised new design paradigms, hypotheses, and best practices working with a UX analyst. I also participated in and led user-testing research, which included prototypes, user flows, use cases, personas, and site maps that translated business goals into measurable results. Within months of my hire, both customers and users were posting unsolicited positive customer feedback and high ratings.