201 Kenisha Wray
November 4, 2020
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Corporate Planner (Acting), Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. Procurement Manager, Inventory Officer


Provides technical and administrative support in the implementation of corporate and operational planning and monitoring processes and procedures
• Provides support to the Director, Strategic Planning and Performance Management by liaising with Ministry Directors and Senior Officials of portfolio agencies and departments on planning issues in order to ensure that their annual corporate plans are prepared to time and quality requirements
• Coordinates and Compiles Strategic and Operational Plans for the Ministry’s Departments and Agencies
• Review Plans to assess the extent to which they are based on key outputs and objectives, ensuring that performance targets are set and that plans are linked to budget forecast, providing corrective advice where necessary
• Undertakes the monitoring of the performance of departments in their planning implementation and delivery of draft reports
• Develops and recommends corrective strategies for effective performance to Agencies, departments and core Ministry
• Prepare Status Reports and submits to Director, Strategic Planning for review and action
• Provides assistance in the coordination of periodic, quarterly and annual performance evaluations of the Ministry’s Departments and Agencies and prepares Evaluation Reports
• Collaborates with the Director of Budget to determine budgetary requirements to implement the Ministry’s Corporate and Operational Plans
• Assists in the monitoring and implementation of the Ministry’s Plans
• Assist Senior Directors and Heads of Agencies in identifying problems and potential barriers to effective implementation of planned programs and projects.

• Promotes a results -based approach to monitoring and evaluation, emphasizing results and impacts.
• Coordinates the preparation of all monitoring and evaluation reports; guide staff and executing partners in preparing their progress reports in accordance with approved reporting formats and ensure their timely submission
• Provides guidance and technical support to ensure that all MDA , Projects and Agencies reports are aligned with Strategic/Operational Plans
• Holds regular review meetings with relevant stakeholders including internal divisions to provide feedback and technical support on progress reports and operational plans
• Provides technical support to ensure that the MDA’s have quality information to assess progress towards expected results established in annual work plans.
• Undertakes regular visits to the fields to support implementation of monitoring and evaluation, check the quality of data produced, and to identify where adaptations might be needed; monitor the follow up of evaluation recommendations with Programme Managers;
• Assists in the preparation of official papers and submissions on monitoring and evaluation results in order to advise the ministry and the government and inform and update planning and policy development