505 Rubicom Company
September 9, 2021
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General Information
Name: Rubicom
Phone: +1 518 893 9995
Hourly Rate: 25$/h
Skills & Experience
 PHP, JAVA, C #, Python, JavaScript, Flutter
 CMS WordPress, Joomla, DLE, Drupal, Open Cart, Prestashop
About Us
We are a company for creating custom business software and solutions. We at Rubicom will develop for you stable, secure and promising software, with all the functionalities you need, working in the way you expect. The products we create are designed with the idea of perspective and upgrade, and their interface is designed to provide user convenience. When your standard or available software does not meet your expectations and needs, we will help with a reliable and working solution, designed entirely according to your requirements and needs. We cover the full cycle of software development.
Additionally, we also offer a vast number of various services. We can develop any system your business needs. Most IT companies only offer a limited number of services and solutions, however, we offer much more than that. Our list of services includes software development. web development, mobile development, CRM development, BI development, BPM development, ERP development, Blockchain, Design SEO, marketing, SMM, and Technical Support.
For more information visit our web page or email address:
 English