eCommerce Website for showcasing the rental, sale and import of automobile vehicles

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Posted on February 11, 2022


Project Desciption


The main purpose of the website is to have a portal for automobile vehicle available for rent primarily, showcase vehicles on the premise for sale and vehicles available from overseas for import.  Customers will also be able to search list of vehicles sourced from main suppliers’ websites through one portal.  Once a vehicle is selected it can be added to customer account to begin the process of procurement with initial payment of balance expected and then the tracking of the balances that need to be made for complete payment.  

Users can register on the website.  New Users/Customers that want to rent a vehicle will need to submit documents for screening process, once complete will be able to make a security deposit on website.


The website is to have a portal for automobile vehicle available for rent primarily, showcase vehicles on the premise for sale and vehicles available from overseas for import.

Vehicles available for renting

  • Allow for users to submit (scanned) documents to be verified
  • Enter name
  • Submit drivers license > 1 year
  • Submit recommendation(s) – reference(s)
  • Select type of vehicle – vehicles shown based on availability
  • See cost per day for the vehicle• Show availability calendar

Vehicles available for import

  • Allow users to search or filter from list provided from different sources
  • List will show all default or common criteria
  • Payment can be made in vehicle selected i.e. 60% due first initial payment
  • Payment tracking
  • Full or part payment ability; which shows balance due and estimated date for last payment.
  • Auto reminder of next payment
  • Track orders with a code.
  • Order details

Admin should be able to update orders

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