Scrum Master

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Posted on January 18, 2021

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Project Desciption


  • 3+ Years of experience implementing Agile (Lean – Scrum) equipment
  • 1+ Year of experience working in agile digital product teams
  • 1+ Year of experience in project management

Hard Skills

  • Experience designing and implementing Scrum – Kanban processes in product or service teams
  • Experience designing and implementing Agile Product Roadmaps and Backlogs
  • Experience in facilitating agile ceremonies (planning, review, retrospective, refinement and daily scrum)
  • Experience in the design and implementation of agile indicators and information radiators (OKRs, Kanban boards, burnup chart)
  • Knowledge and experience in Lean process optimization and improvement practices

Soft Skills

  • Strong communication skills – can communicate complex message to wide audience
  • Strong leadership skills – able to influence broad leadership teams using combination of influencing techniques
  • Brings a high-energy and passionate outlook to the job and can influence those around her/him
  • Strong problem-solving skills – able to find solutions in complex situations and involve various stakeholders

Skills Required

Project Management

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