Corporate Enterprise/ Public Sector

TheHive’s Corporate Enterprise/Public Sector Solution makes it easy to grow distributed teams and manage complex remote work projects and strategies through our on-demand, remote talent platform. TheHive provides large businesses and public sector organizations with a competitive advantage, by providing swift access to the right talent and skills across all categories, access to project-based costing and our Ingenuity backed staff augmentation and payroll services . Our team can help you shortlist the best matches validated by client reviews, success scores, and work samples to help you hire the best tech and digital Caribbean talent with confidence. From short-term work to recurring projects, we provide the flexibility to scale teams up or down as your demand changes.  

We offer tailor-made solutions that accommodate the needs of your business and team to optimize your freelancing spend. Our platform is designed to address the logistical and operational concerns that can come with building distributed teams, especially for companies that are new to the process. We do this by gaining a deep understanding of your workflow and needs, then we create a custom experience that integrates smoothly with your operations, which guarantees a seamless and customized experience every time. 

Decreased Time to Hire + Increased Loyalty = Better Talent

Small & Medium Sized Businesses/SMEs

Get projects going faster with on-demand, in-demand freelance pros.

83% of small businesses who frequently hire freelancers agree that freelancers/contractors greatly help get the job done. 64% of small businesses who frequently hire freelancers cite that using freelancers/ contractors who are located off site helps them build their business as a virtual team. 

Small businesses have been hesitant to take advantage of the ever-growing pool of freelance talent because of the time required to find the right candidate. TheHive closes this gap by matching SMEs with the right freelancers, which helps SMEs scale operations much faster. Hiring freelancers provides access to the skills and expertise of a specialist on short-term projects without the need for a long-term commitment.

To stay ahead of the competition, allow TheHive to find the right talent to fill your key expertise gaps when/where needed. . 


Skilled freelancers allow startups to keep costs down while providing services essential to operational success. When done correctly, using freelancers is a win-win for both parties. Almost all startups rely on freelancers at one or all stages of their existence, and it’s no coincidence. Freelancers and startups are made for each other.